shenzhenshixinweilinshiyeyouxiangongsi. Happiness is a toy company that dedicated to 0 to 12-years-old toy's design, development, production and sales .Our company's toys, there are about a dozen major series, respectively classificate according to age, gender and function etc, nearly 1,000 product,the design of every single product and each component abided "accompany children grow and improve its intellectual development, safe environmental protection" concept. 


We'll let the children not only enjoy the fun of the game, but also learn to give and share when they play with our toy. In the toy manufacturing process, we start from the children's ideas, give full play to their creativity and innovative. Therefore we will update 30% of the product every year.Our company has four products Brand 1 In order to develop the flexibility and self-control ability of 0-8 years old children we open many toys series. such as outdoor toys,scene toys, children's table type soccer etc. Brand 2 For 3 years old boy,we design and develop some mini cars, specialized in manufacturing European products brand that collect many baby model. Brand 3 "Because love and be loved" love toys respect the nature of the child, and can bring their cheerful, according to this we developed some high-grade toys which can developing intelligence for all ages childen. Brand 4 "Toy belongs to everyone" is designed to supermarket toy brand, product series mainly for ecd, scene (kitchen) and PinCha toys. 

  Our company is a comprehensive toy company, integrates design, development, production and sales toys in one body,We will obtain certain interests in every link , but our main income is still at production toy's benefits

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